Episode 119

Andrea Redeau, LPC

In this episode, we interview  Andrea Redeau, a licensed professional counselor and clinical supervisor from Oregon.  Prepare to be inspired as we dive into a range of topics, including the importance of building a community in the counseling industry, the ever-evolving landscape of supervision, and the crucial role of cultural competence. 

Overview of episode

Consideration of race and socioeconomic status in selecting a supervisor

Supporting clinicians in finding a network of desired colleagues

Importance of having a manualized process or policy for supporting employees during difficult situations

Takeaways for today!

What can you apply today right after the episode.

Supervision is Essential for Growth

Andrea emphasizes the importance of seeking multiple supervisors to find the best fit for your goals. Rather than settling for convenience or cost, prioritize alignment and compatibility with your ambitions. Ask potential supervisors about their theory orientation, approach to notes and background information, and the structure of therapy sessions. This ensures a strong foundation for your professional development and enhances your ability to serve clients effectively.

If you don't already have a supervisor or consulting therapist - Consider why? And take a look to see if there is someone out there you can learn from. You might even take a look at Firelight Supervision with Shannon Heers from episode 111

Addressing Equity and Intersectionality

In this episode, Andrea acknowledges the importance of considering factors like race and socioeconomic status when selecting a supervisor. Having upfront conversations about personal beliefs, values, and theoretical orientations creates a space for growth and compatibility. The field of supervision is evolving, and supervisors like Andrea are leading the way in fostering inclusive environments and cultural competence.

If you are looking for a great book/manual on how you can update your supervision game in the area of Multicultural supervision - Check out this one: Promoting Cultural Sensitivity in Supervision.