Episode 206

Katie Maynard

In this episode of "Supervision Smorgasboard," Dr. Tara Sanderson discusses the challenges and experiences of childless individuals with licensed clinical social worker Katie Maynard. They examine the societal biases and advocate for better mental health care for those without children. The conversation also emphasizes the importance of recognizing and developing supervisees' niche in areas related to childlessness. Katie's work includes groundbreaking trainings shedding light on topics such as delay, pronatalism, choice, and regret. The episode concludes with a focus on the importance of incorporating questions about race, ethnicity, and power dynamics into supervision to encourage open discussions about personal identities.

Overview of episode

Biases about parent status, intended parent status, and the compounded challenges faced by single people without children.

Advocating for better mental health care for people without children and offering supervision, consultation, and training in affirmative therapy for childless and child-free individuals.

Recognizing supervisees' passion and helping them develop their niche.