Episode 205

Jennifer Kennett

In this episode of "Supervision Smorgasboard," host Dr. Tara Sanderson sits down with licensed mental health therapist Jennifer Kennett to delve into the complexities of clinical supervision and the challenges facing newly licensed therapists. Jennifer shares her extensive experience and advocacy efforts in reforming supervision regulations in Washington, emphasizing the importance of building strong supervisory relationships and offering practical advice for those entering the mental health field. The conversation also explores the impact of the pandemic on mental health practices and the need for effective business coaching and ethical supervision. Listeners gain valuable insights into setting sustainable rates, understanding the business aspect of running a private practice, and creating comprehensive policy manuals. The episode diligently focuses on passing on good supervisory practices to upcoming generations and supporting therapists in navigating the evolving landscape of mental health.

Overview of episode

Importance of Effective Clinical Supervision.

Building Sustainable Private Practices.

Supporting the new generation of incoming therapists.

The disparity in pay in the mental health field and its impact on therapists' career.