Episode 202

Kasey Compton

In this episode of "Supervision Smorgasboard," Dr. Tara Sanderson welcomes Kasey Compton to discuss her new book and the impact of clinical supervision on therapists. They explore themes of self-love, empowerment, and personal growth, touching on Kasey's new leadership role in supervising therapists. The episode delves into the significance of understanding oneself, journaling after therapy and supervision, and finding balance in career development. Kasey's book "In Search of You: How to Find Joy When Doing More Isn't Doing It Anymore" is also highlighted, and the hosts emphasize the importance of taking time for personal growth and self-awareness.

Overview of episode

Kasey Compton's Book and Empowerment.

Leadership and Supervision.

Journaling and Self-Reflection

Understanding Oneself and Finding Balance.

Takeaways for today!

What can you apply today right after the episode.

The significance of journaling after therapy sessions for personal growth.

There's something so powerful about taking that time to really resonate on the work that you are doing in those sessions and and pull apart some of the components that that you want to continue to work on or the things that you're that you're really needing to wrestle with. 

Unlocking Your Potential

Unlocking the potential is really just about understanding yourself and finding that balance.

"So one of the things that was really helpful for me was creating a timeline of events, both big and small, in my life and looking at patterns. And I noticed things about myself, and some were good and and some were not so good, like noticing how I would self sabotage in certain situations or every time that I hit a low."

Take time to reflect throughout the week.