Episode 127

Trinay Thomas, LCSW

In this episode, Trinay Thomas, LCSW, joins our host Dr. Tara Sanderson, to discuss decolonizing social work and the helping profession. Trinay emphasizes the importance of challenging both supervisors and supervisees to move into action, creating supportive and mindful spaces in supervision, and the intersectionality of the Twin Pandemic.

Overview of episode

Importance of acknowledging the intersection of the global pandemic and racial reckoning

Strengthening clinical supervision for diverse populations

Need for exploration and critical thinking in the healing process

Challenging oneself to continually engage with diversity awareness

Takeaways for today!

What can you apply today right after the episode.

Acknowledge Intersectionality in Supervision

The intersection of the global pandemic and racial reckoning/civil unrest impacted both individuals' physiological and psychological health. As supervisors we need to support our supervisees in understanding the overlap of the Twin Pandemic both for themselves and their clients.

Take a few moments to search for or brainstorm ways to discuss intersectionality with your supervisees on a regular basis.

Move Into Action

Both supervisors and supervisees should strive for continuous engagement with diversity awareness and action regularly. As Trinay discussed, we must move past the feeling that contemplation is action.

Find 3-5 CEUs or trainings that you can engage with and incorporate into your community to directly work towards cultural safety in your practice and supervision.

Build a Supportive Space

It is important to create both a supportive and mindful space for supervisees and supervisors in our healing business, with emphasis on exploration and critical thinking in the healing process for our clients.

Assess your own practice and supervision, are you encouraging and showing an example for holding this space? Consider 1-2 sustainable practices for making your space more supportive and mindful of issues supervisees may face.

Outside Resources from the episode

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- Link to David Archer's Anti-Racist Psychotherapy