Episode 125

Dr. Judy Fernandez, LCSW, DSW

In today's episode, the widely experienced Dr. Judy Fernandez joins our host, Dr. Tara Sanderson, to explore the differences in supervision needs. Judy emphasizes the importance of having spaces for yourself as a supervisor and encourages modeling good self-care to your supervisees.

Overview of episode

The importance of creating space for supervisors' needs

How to define boundaries and set supervision agendas

Importance of understanding differences in training and education

Modeling good self-care practices

Takeaways for today!

What can you apply today right after the episode.

Model Self-Care

As supervisors, it's crucial for us to prioritize our own self-care in order to have longevity in the industry. By modeling good self-care practices, we not only take care of ourselves but also inspire our supervisees to do the same.

Take a few moments to write down 3-5 different ways you can talk about and model self-care practices in your supervision this year.

Build a Support Network

The relationships we cultivate in our profession are often one-sided. However, it's important to seek out a support network where we can safely share our experiences and stories, without compromising confidentiality. This network can provide the necessary emotional support and help us continue our work effectively.

Get connected with a local clinical association or Facebook group for clinical supervisors, ask a colleague to get a local coffee, or plan a virtual coffee time!

One great resource is this Clinical Supervisors Facebook Group: LINK

Understand Developmental Cycles

As supervisors, it's essential for us to understand the developmental cycle of our supervisees. We cannot expect everyone to be at the same level of development, and it's important to adjust our expectations accordingly. This understanding allows us to provide appropriate support and mentorship to help our supervisees reach their full potential.

Consider the developmental cycle and where your supervisees currently are in that cycle, write down 2-3 ways to support their individual development and needs.

Outside Resources from the episode

- Link to the Seminar Training in Field Instruction (SIFI)