Episode 123

Michelle Henderson, LMHC

In this episode, Michelle emphasizes the importance of defining your target audience as a therapist and shares her insights on the challenges therapists face when transitioning from agency work to private practice.

Overview of episode

Helping therapists effectively communicate unique expertise and preferences to potential clients

Balancing personal and professional lives and the importance of discussing how one manages both.

Different issues faced by supervisees transitioning from grad school vs. agency work.

Takeaways for today!

What can you apply today right after the episode.

Be intentional and authentic

It's crucial for therapists to effectively communicate their unique expertise and preferences to potential clients. Michelle shares the example of a therapist passionate about dream work who initially hesitated to showcase this on her website. Remember, being authentic and showing your true passions can resonate with those looking for your specific skills.

Take a quick look at what you are training your supervisees to say when they are on consult calls... are they able to be their authentic self? If not - What can you do to help them develop that? If so- Gold star for you! 

Balancing personal and professional life

Supervision is not only a space to discuss clinical concerns; it's also therapy for your professional self. Michelle highlights the importance of supervisors supporting their supervisees in finding balance between their personal and professional lives. Addressing this can lead to increased well-being and success in your practice.

Take a look at how you are inviting your supervisees to develop their boundaries and continue to grow their professional selves!