Episode 121

Nikki Biddlingmeyer, LCSW

In today's episode, we have the insightful and knowledgeable Nikki Biddlingmeyer joining us as our guest. Nikki is a licensed practitioner in California, with experience in community mental health settings as well as private practice.

Overview of episode

Clear interventions such as addressing therapist's feelings and reactions

Balancing work in community mental health and private practice

Involving family members in treatment for true change and support

Takeaways for today!

What can you apply today right after the episode.

Reflection in Supervision 

Nikki discussed the importance of processing not just the symptoms and behaviors of clients but also the feelings and experiences that arise for the therapist themselves. They shared their supervision approach, which involves discussing personal experiences that may influence the therapeutic relationship. Embracing silence and curiosity, Nikki encourages therapists and supervisors to explore these dynamics for the benefit of both.

Take Care of Yourself!

This episode reminded us all of the importance of self-care. Nikki encouraged therapists and supervisors to utilize therapeutic skills to evaluate their own well-being and feelings towards their caseload. By addressing these aspects, therapists can ensure they are providing the best support to their clients.

Can you take a few minutes right now to do something to care for your self.