Episode 118

Erika Nelson, LCSW

In this episode I interview Erika Nelson, LCSW. She is a Clinical supervisor and owner of Portal Wellness Collective. Portal Wellness seeks to nurture a culture of connection through cultivating personal and collective healing for a a more liberatory world. 

Overview of episode

What is Abolitionist Perspective

How can we make change in our system? 

How do we balance the practical needs of supervision with the Abolitionist Perspective?

Takeaways for today!

What can you apply today right after the episode.

Continue to think about your voice. 

Let's pause for a few minutes today to think about how our voice matters. What we say to ourselves, to others, to the board and the system at large matters. Are we speaking up when there is injustice? Are we giving ourselves room to grieve when we are going through change? 
Where is a place you need to be today? Where do you need to show up for yourself, or someone else today? 

What advocacy can you be a part of today? 

There are so many opportunities for advocacy. If you are having a hard time finding the right place to spend your advocacy capital (energy, money or time) please reach out for a quick consult with me. I am happy to help you research some ways to put that energy into good use!