Episode 117

Brittany Brownfield, LPC

In this episode, Brittany Brownfield, LPC shares with us some key tips to help new supervisees build a foundation for their career in Psychology. Brittany is a therapist and supervisor. And also is a co-host of the Popcorn Psychology Podcast. (Which I have been a guest on!) 

Overview of episode

Helping Supervisees navigate life balance. 

Tips for new supervisors to develop their theoretical orientation. 

Normalize being vulnerable. 

Takeaways for today!

What can you apply today right after the episode.

Review your Case Conceptualization System

Today, take a look at what you ask your supervisees to explore with you when they bring a case to supervision. In addition to demographics, and questions that they might have (or interventions they want to know about)... maybe think about asking how you might interact with this client from a different orientation than the one that they currently are a part of. This can help them think outside of the box and help identify if there are any gaps in their thought process! 

Model being vulnerable 

In addition to normalizing it and allowing space for vulnerability in your supervision session... think today about how you can model it! 
One of the ways I model vulnerability is by sharing that I am in therapy myself, when I run into situations with clients that I consult on, or times when I feel like I am overwhelmed with how hard our job is sometimes and how I care for myself or get care for myself!