Episode 115

Write in questions?

In this episode, Dr. Tara Sanderson answers some write in questions from listeners. 


Overview of episode

Q1. Consent forms for Student Observation?

Q2. How can we change pressure culture in our industry? 

Q3. What system do you use for taping sessions? 

Q4. Tell me more about your training calendar!

Takeaways for today!

What can you apply today right after the episode.

Add or take away one question in your structure of Supervision

In order to change the system of how our industry runs - we have to make changes in the work we individually are doing. What question can you add to your supervision sessions today that will help change the system? What question do you need to remove to give more space to your supervisees growth? 

Take a poll!

As you are building your training calendar for the year - take a poll of the current folks in your group (or if you don't have any grab some info from folks online in some of the great supervision Facebook groups, or other colleagues). Then build some trainings around those areas. Some questions you might ask: 
* What do you wish you learned during internship? 
* What do you want to make sure you learn about before you leave here? 
* What training would make the biggest impact in your clients lives? 
* What training will bring you to the next level clinically?