Episode 114

Gemma Escale, LPC

In this episode, Gemma Escale, LPC shares about supervision and bilingual practice

Overview of episode

There is power in bilingual supervision. 

Confidence in documentation and paperwork.

How trauma and culture impact supervisees and clients.

Takeaways for today!

What can you apply today right after the episode.

Take Inventory

Today, think about your supervisees. Assess their cultural background, languages, and interpersonal backgrounds. If there are areas that you are not representative of, or that there are some distress or trauma around, see if you can connect with some community support to meet those needs. 
This could look like adding an additional supervisor, or maybe monthly supervision group for them in their language or cultural dynamic. 

Address community needs

After you look at the internal needs - take a look at the community you serve. Are their needs that aren't being met, could you bring in someone to help meet those needs? 
Or can you partner with folks in the community to help meet the need?