Episode 113

Kasey Compton 

Kasey Compton is an amazing authentic woman who has developed several entrepreneurial endeavors, written two books and dispenses wisdom with heart and a strong Kentucky accent. In our episode we are talking about the systems needed for setting up a great internship!

Overview of episode

Things to do before branching into Supervision as a part of your practice.

Importance of Structure/Policies

Rates and Pricing

Takeaways for today!

What can you apply today right after the episode.

Set your system up 

Take some time to go through your processes as if you are going through them for the first time. This can help you think through bumps, bottlenecks and holes in your process. 

Pro-tip - Once you address any problems, tape your process with something like Loom (for things that don't have any PHI) so that interns can watch these and know what to expect! 

Schedule time

Take a look at your calendar and block off time for your supervisees. Don't know how much to block off - do a time study this week of how much time is spent on supervision duties each week. Anytime you read a note, an email, have a conversation - track that time on a note pad, in an app or write it down on your hand! Then take a look at how many hours it takes. 

Pro-Tip: Write down that time on your Job description. (You have a job description for your job right? If not, email me for a systems conversation today!