Episode 112

What needs to be in my intern manual?

In this episode, Dr. Tara Sanderson addresses creating an intern manual for your practice. The Intern Manual Checklist is available to download below. The template for the manual is available in my course. 

Overview of episode

Creating a Manual from a template

Be Specific to your company

Be clear in your expectations

Give them all the info they need to do their job. 

Takeaways for today!

What can you apply today right after the episode.

Think about adding an HR component to your team.

Once you have more than just you in your practice, you will need to think about the legal responsibilities of being a business owner with employees, volunteers or other human bodies doing work for your company. 
You can find Independent HR professionals through programs that are connected to the SBA or independent HR professionals. Here are a few links for you: 

Tom Engel (Vantage Point HR)

Evaluate what you want them to get out of your internship site 

Take a few minutes today and write down a list of things you want your interns to walk out of your internship knowing.
After you have made a list - take a moment and see if you can put them in an order that makes sense to how folks navigate your site and see if you can put together a timeline for what you need to help them develop the skills.