Episode 107

Amy Smitke, LPC

In this episode, Amy Smitke carefully draws from her wealth of experience as a dedicated and passionate supervisor to enlighten us on how to be a better Supervisor. She inspires through her perspective of life and lucidly explains how experience is pivotal for therapists, supervisors, and people in any field they find themselves.

Overview of episode

Launching a supervision practice

Marketing yourself as a supervisor

Importance of networking and professional development

Have a good relationship with your licensing board

Takeaways for today!

What can you apply today right after the episode.

Plan your CEU's

Take a look at your board requirements and think about what you need both as a clinician and as a supervisor. Look for trainings by experts who would really challenge you to grow. 

Here are some links to some great CEU opportunities as a supervisor: 

TelementalHealth Supervision Series (Free quarterly trainings, most others cost about 25-50 per CEU)

Person Centered Tech Supervision and Ethics Series (by moi!) 

Get yourself out there as a supervisor

Make connections with others! Here are 4 things you can do today: 
1. Join Clinical oriented Facebook Groups (local and national) and see what questions you can answer. 
Here's a link to a national Clinical supervisor group
2. Get connected with local clinical associations.
3. Ask a colleague for a zoom coffee date or to actual coffee if that is safe for you! Get to know them, what they are looking for in referrals and see if you can be a resource to them. 
4. Get to know your licensing board. Think about the questions you are asking on facebook (or that someone else is) and ask the board for clarification so you are in the know and get the answers straight from their mouth! 

Make a list of what folks can talk about in Supervision!

Take a few moments and jot down some things you wish you had known or had taken the time to talk about in your supervision. Make it a priority today to have that list handy next time a supervisee says "Everything is going well, I am not sure what to talk about!"