Episode 102

Kaleigh Boysen-Quinata, LMFT

In this episode, Kaleigh Boysen-Quinata, LMFT shares with us about a systemic lens in how we are supporting our supervisees. Kaleigh is the owner of Family Roots Therapy in Oregon and works with Children and Families. She is really passionate about helping the next generation of Marriage and Family Therapists growing in Oregon. 

Overview of episode

Systemic Lens to working when working with Families. 

Why Supervisees struggle with navigating Family system work. 

What to do when parents say no. 

Help supervisees learn how to navigate conflict. 

Takeaways for today!

What can you apply today right after the episode.

Teach your supervisee to involve the family. 

Talk about the relationship and how the client's mental health has been impacting family. Demonstrate how to ask these questions in your supervision. 

Here are some questions you might ask: 
- Who all is in this family circle? 
- How does the client's mental health impact each of those people? 
- What are the outcomes that each member is looking for? 
- How are the behaviors of the rest of the family circle engaging in the clients growth or keeping them stuck? 

What other questions do you ask? Drop me a line here and share! 

Increase your use of Role Play with your supervisee (and have them role play with the client and family)

Role play out the steps of what you are asking your supervisee to do in session. Make role play an active part of your training so that it stops being such a uncomfortable situation. 

Help your supervisees explain how involving parents benefits kids.

See where the parent is coming from and building on the strengths of that person in the kids life. If something that you are offering isn't working - find out why and see what ways you can shift to make something else work.