Applied Interventions

Drop-in Group Consultation

Wondering what else I can do to help my client?

You have been searching for just the right thing and finding:
- You're unsure of what to look for
- Tools on the internet are too general or not well explained
- You feel desperate, like you have tried it all

Joining our drop-in group can help!

Together we can explore tools that:
- Really work
- Are specific to your client
- Increase your confidence and ability to help clients grow and heal.

Monthly Drop-In Group Consultation

Dr. Sanderson provides a Monthly Drop-In Group Consultation that provides specific interventions based on the questions brought up in each session. Questions or scenarios can be emailed ahead of time or just brought to each session.

Group consultations offer an awesome opportunity to get access to seasoned professionals for less than an individual consultation fee. Groups will be delivered online the First Thursday of the month at 11a.

Fees are 20.00 per session you attend. Fees will be collected during the first few minutes of the group.

Upcoming Dates

July 8, 2021

August 5, 2021

September 2, 2021

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