Episode 209

Khara Croswaite Brindle

In this episode of Supervision Smorgasboard, hosts Dr. Tara Sanderson and Khara engage in a conversation with licensed professional counselor Cara Crossway Brindle. They discuss the challenges and importance of creating a visual tool for supervisees and consultees at ESR (Electronic Supervision Record). They emphasize the need for support and challenge in professions like therapy and law, and the importance of building a support network to combat feelings of loneliness. The episode also delves into the advantages of a separate Electronic Health Record for supervision, the challenges of organizing continuing education documents, and the value of documenting supervision sessions for transparency. The discussion concludes with an emphasis on the importance of support to combat burnout and exhaustion in the mental health industry.

Overview of episode

Khara shares information about ESR, its features, pricing, and a walkthrough video. The system promises transparency and plans to partner with other entities in the future.

Supervision Tools: They discuss the need for a separate Electronic Health Record (EHR) for supervision. 

The importance of early education and training for mental health clinicians in understanding and treating OCD.