Episode 207

Mary Tinucci

In this  episode of "Supervision Smorgasboard," Dr. Tara Sanderson engages in a stimulating conversation with Mary Tinnuci, a seasoned professional in social work and clinical supervision. The episode delves into virtual group facilitation, the value of effective group work, and Tinnuci's innovative Virtual Conversation Cards platform, offering practical tools for professional development. The duo explores the unique dynamics of virtual communication and connection, providing valuable insights for both seasoned professionals and those navigating the virtual landscape.

Overview of episode

Challenges and opportunities of virtual group work, and the importance of intentional planning, flexibility, and adaptation in virtual settings.

Mary's mission to provide practical tools for professional development and her sponsorship of the upcoming supervision summit.

Strategies for structured supervisory agreements and interactions in virtual spaces, as well as creating a personal style in virtual clinical supervision.